the holidays are coming

It’s Tuesday.  A week post election and the world did not implode. I have learned some (surprising) things about friends and colleagues.  To the point, where I wonder to a degree, how we are friends.  Nonetheless, that’s what makes us different and we still  have common interests and morals (I think).  Respectfully agreeing to disagree has taken on a whole new meaning in the last seven days.  I am somewhat relieved the election is over, we can stop talking (arguing) about it for awhile.

And it’s the week before the official kick off of the holiday hoopla season, and all that is holy and frustrating and twinkly and stressful.  I am hoping that we all remember to be a little nicer to each other this year, after the crater that the election has left between people.  At least the Starbucks red cups are ON POINT this year.  I can depend on one thing that brings me daily happiness (unlike the anti-climactic red cups of last year. #2015starbucksfail).

I love the holiday season, so long as you leave my family out of it.  Is it just me?  I know, that it is not.  Do-not-get-me-wrong, I am grateful and thankful and blahbibbityblah for my family.  I am.  I realize that not everyone is so lucky (or are they?), but they drive me absolutely NUTS.  As my bestie says, how are you, who you are, coming from that?  It’s a mystery, really.

My dad and step mom have moved Thanksgiving to Wednesday evening, when I can’t be there.  I also have a lash appointment, that is seriously calling my priorities into question.  Lash extensions or family?  It is seriously debatable.  I already had to schedule this appointment six weeks out because she is so busy.  Plus I wouldn’t be able to leave work early enough to be there by the slated 4 pm dinnertime, so…. If I’m gonna be late, I may as well at least get my lashes filled (don’t judge, it seems high maintenance… But, you imagine not having to wear mascara for 6 months and it is amazingly life-changing).

So then I thought, I’ll go to my aunt/cousin’s on my mom’s side for Thanksgiving.  They always ask but I have a boyfriend or my dad’s family.  Nope.  My cousin’s house is “too full,” so my standing invitation has been apologetically declined.

A part of me just wants to stay home on Thursday.  Of all the times I have wished that I could stay home and cook for Thanksgiving, I don’t really want to this year.  For the last few years, I was with my ex at his family’s house.  Now that I am single and wanted to get back to being with my family, they’re busy with what not or have invited too many others.  Careful what you wish for, right?  Maybe I should just have a Friendsgiving.  Come or don’t come, it’ll just be me and the kitten faces.  If I had an extra $600, I would be on the next plane to Tahoe to spend the holiday weekend with my bestie and her family.

It’s strange how a friend and their families, can become more like your own family the older you get.  You are less disillusioned about your own family being so fantastic, when they are probably not anyone you would elect to associate with.  Your family is what you make it.  That’s where the heart truly is.  I think that’s the worst thing about being single, you’re stuck glomming on to your friend’s family or trying to tag along to your cousin’s family, instead of having your very own.  I think that’s the worst thing about all this.  It doesn’t help either when my aunt says to me today, “you just need to find a guy and be married already.”  Yeah.  Now that you have said that my dear aunty, I will GET RIGHT ON IT BECAUSE UNTIL NOW I HAVE JUST BEEN FUCKING AROUND ON PURPOSE AND DID NOT REALIZE THAT I AM IN MY MID-THIRTIES.  So thank you for that, you are so right.  Without you saying that, I would have NEVER realized that.  Helpful, not helpful.

Image result for family is what you make it meme

If anything, I am excited to decorate for Christmas come Black Friday (because I refuse to leave the house and shop on that hellish day).  Maybe it’s best that I don’t go to my cousin’s for Thanksgiving.  Aside from them all being married and asking why I’m single, yet again (oh the joy!).  She has already decorated for Christmas, and it’s just too effing soon. I need to wait at least 10 more days before immersing myself in all things red, and green, and snowflakes, and reindeer, and pine scented.

One good thing about being single this upcoming holiday season, my list of people to buy presents for is much, much shorter this year.  Bah.

On a side note, I am going to make these little darlings tonight.  Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins, swirled.  That’s right.  Basic white girl.  And I don’t care, ha ha ha.  I am going to eat muffins and hang out with the kitties and work on a knitting project or two… The struggle is real.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Muffins



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