state of affairs and turkey

Thanksgiving week stats:

Kittens: Still 2

Joe sightings, post break-up with E (pseudostalking has been a huge failure, and against the better judgment of my friends… why can’t you run into people when you try, but then it happens when you don’t want it):  Zero.

E sightings with another girl, post-break up (case in point, I did not try to run into E, nor did I want to):  2

Joe and E conversations about me:  1

Level of crazy this week, on a scale of 1 to 10:  Probably like 7

Being that it is Thanksgiving this week, I have many things to be thankful for.  I am thankful for my bestie for keeping me in check, when all I want to do is either cry, pseudostalk Joe, or murder (not seriously) my friends and family.  I am thankful for chestnut praline lattes and brie cheese and wine and pumpkin pie and fuzzy blankets.  I don’t care if that’s basic bitch of me.  I am thankful for my job, even if I wish on a daily basis that I was a lottery winner and didn’t have to work (doesn’t everyone?).  I am thankful because I am independent and don’t need a sugar daddy (although it’d be nice sometimes).  I am thankful for my health.  I am thankful that I live in a beautiful place where I am constantly surprised by all of it’s gorgeousness.  I am thankful that I don’t have to eat my brother’s homemade cranberry sauce that everyone raves about but I find it disgusting and actually prefer my cranberry sauce to have those canned rings molded into it’s 1980’s jelly form. And mostly, I am thankful for my friends and family.  As much as my family drives me nuts, I am still thankful for them.  Albeit my friends are crazy too, but isn’t that the spice of life?

So getting up to speed… I still have not talked to or seen Joe since we talked last month.  So his inaction and non response, is his blaring answer that he doesn’t want me back, yet again. Seems deja-vuish…  Anywhoozle, I have seen E out on two dates now, two weekends in a row.  He texted and apologized after the second one since it was “awkward.”  If he hadn’t been with someone, as he said, he would have said hi.  Um, because that would be less awkward right?

In latest current events, apparently Joe saw E at the infamous beer spot, and from what E says (because he felt the need to text me about it, I guess… or it’s most likely just an excuse to text me)…

E:  I was at h&h with Pliny (dog) and someone came up and talked to us.  It was your ex, kinda weird.  Thought about you and hope you are ok.  You are a great chick and I wish you the best, I wish we could’ve worked out.

Me:  I’m sorry that happened… I hate to ask, but what did you guys talk about?  I hope things are ok for you too.  And I’m sorry it didn’t work out, I’m seriously just fucked up and need to figure that out.

E:  It was just random.  He was completely civil and just kept petting Pliny.  The discussion was pretty minimal and nothing bad was said.

(Leave it to a dude to not divulge ACTUAL details… I couldn’t leave it, I had to ask.  I mean you would have too… Don’t lie).

Me:  Just curious if he knew who you were or if anything was said about me… That’s probably an asshole thing to ask, sorry

E:  Yeah, he knew who I was and all that was said was that we both dated you and it didn’t work out.  Nothing specific really

(or were there more specifics that you just don’t want to tell me…?  Like was Joe fishing for whether I was single?  Did you tell Joe we broke up because I am still hung up on him?  So many questions that I did not have the balls to ask…  Why are guys so fucking vague all the time?)

Me:  Awkward

E:  A little bit but it could’ve been worse.  No big deal lol.  I won’t befriend him and tell Lynn stories, don’t worry (insert smily winky face)  (awesome, it wouldn’t be the first time that a couple of my exes have become friends and shared hilarious “Lynn stories”… meh)

The ironic thing about E and Joe seeing each other, I picked up Thai food next door (completely out of my way), in the hopes of running into Joe.  If only, I was thissss close.  But I wouldn’t have wanted to see them, together.

It’s pretty much a strange triangle of clusterfuckery.  E and I see Joe out and about in our short-lived dating adventures; Joe tells me that he never actually saw E and I; I break up with E; I see E out with other girls; E and Joe are now speaking to each other (???).  I mean why would Joe even approach E, if he knew that’s who I dated.  So. Many.  Questions.  That will undoubtedly go unanswered… forever.  This town keeps getting fucking smaller, apparently.  If anything, I am thankful that my exes are able to peacefully coexist and don’t have anything bad to say about me.  So there’s something in that.  Right?  Yay?  High five to myself.

Until next week when the saga continues of Joe and E (hopefully not, unless Joe wakes the F up and confesses his profound love for me and wants to get back together.  Ha, who are we kidding…).

Remember, wine and dinner, makes WINNERS.  Keep that in mind this Thursday (or Wednesay for my family) when shit is gettin’ a little too real with the fam or cray friends.

Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll!


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