Mistletoe Kisses and All That is Twinkly

Christmas season stats:

Adorable kitten faces:  Still 2

Joe Sightings/Interactions/Bullshit:  1.5 (he gets a half point for his half-assed attempt of non-conversation)

Messages from E:  1

New Ginger Boy:  1

Cookies Consumed:  about 47

Emptied wine bottles:  about 6

Ready for Christmas:  It’s close.

Christmas is upon us.  Only four days!  I realized today that I really need to get serious with my holiday movie watching.  I’m way behind.  I’ve only half watched, “Love Actually.”  I really need to step it up for  the next few days though.  Hands down, my favorite movie is “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”  Nobody does it like Clark W. Griswold.  But I always watch that one on Christmas Eve.

So update on Joe.  He texted me the day before Thanksgiving (Squeeeeeee!  Right?!!  Finally… ).  His text was to announce that the infamous beer spot was serving this amazing coconut beer that I love love love.  Which was sort of a thing with us because I LOVE coconut beer (did I mention I love coconut beer?) and he would always buy it for me, or take me to same beer spot when they had it on draught.  So I was totally bewildered, I mean, did he want to be friends?  Was he thinking of me and this was his way of saying hi, breaking the ice?  Was he suggesting we get a beer together? WHAT??  So I intentionally waited about an hour to avoid being an over-eager beaver… and responded with something casual and off-hand, obviously carefully contemplated and constructed message: ‘thanks I’ll have to stop by there, how are you?’  Harmless right?  Like thanks for the message and oh how’s it going, door cracked.  It’s not like I responded with ‘I have been waiting for your message and am so excited that you’re obviously thinking of me and we should get that beer together and ride off into the sunset, live happily ever after.‘  Nope, kept it casual like any cool chic would.  But then after all that thought and energy I put into responding…  NOTHING.  Once again, he had gained all the power, settled into being his unresponsive asshole self, holding me in a bewildered limbo pattern, again.  Next day, I wished him a Happy Thanksgiving.  I’m not heartless and wanted to send my general well wishes for a happy holiday, like are we doing this friends things because I’m trying and here’s an easy out for you to say something to me…  Still nothing.  So three days passed, and I messaged him to ask if he’s just sending me random messages and ignoring me, or what’s the deal.  I finally got a response, about 5 minutes later (Aha!  You do look at your phone and you were ignoring me):  “I knew you liked that beer, their kegs run out pretty quickly.  More of just an FYI.  Apologies.”  And the fact that he ended the message with a period… there was some article that said using a period to end a text means you’re frustrated or irritated or whatever, rather than just an open ended grammatically incorrect sentence.  I mean when did using punctuation start meaning that you’re angry and not just being breezy over text?  Anyway…. FYI, you’re a fucking DICK.  Why now?  Why reach out after 3 months of not saying one word to me (not even to clarify on the whole marshmallows situation), to be like ‘Oh hey, thought of you, your favorite beer is at MY hangout spot, oh but that’s really just an FYI, I really don’t want to actually talk with you like a normal human being, apologies.’  Asshat.  So needless to say, we haven’t talked since.  I think I finally realized (I know… the painting has been on the wall for awhile now and I’m obviously blind) he is never going to change or be that Joe that I fell in love with.  Maybe he is a good guy, or maybe he’s a good guy while things are new until his true colors shine through and things settle into normalcy as most relationships do after 3 or so months, and then he just can’t fucking deal…  Who knows, but FYI, moving on.  It’s been real, ya Dick.  And FYI, I get updates on when new beers are on tap and I can get my own beers, so Cheers to that, Dick.  If I miss out on the coconut beer (which I didn’t as depicted below), then I’ll catch it next time.  Did I mention that he’s a Dick?


Ironically, E texted me over this past weekend to announce that he was heading to the beer spot.  I thought we were done with messaging each other, it had been a month since the last one.  Thanks for the FYI though, no FYI needed.  I didn’t respond.  He later apologized and said he would stop bugging me.  His number is now blocked.  So he could be texting me, or not, who knows and who cares at this point.  And then I just feel like a shitty person because I’m pulling the same shitty shenanigans of being unresponsive, which I hate when done to me.

So I met, we’ll call him Michael, almost 2 weeks ago.  Another ginger.  Another Bothellian.  I know, I know, I know…. I may actually have a problem… And actually, he has the SAME name as Joe IRL… but it’s confusing enough, no need to complicate things here with Joe Asshat and Joe 2.0, since that’s obviously not their name anyway.  So yeah, Michael.  I messaged him from the dating app at 5:30 am.  I was up early to see if 1) if it had snowed, 2) if it was enough snow that I wouldn’t be able to drive to work, and 3) take pictures of the snow before it all melted.  So yeah, snow day and I was up before dawn trolling the dating app for new blood.

I messaged Michael (I had seen him on the app and guys never seem to respond but I figured, ok I’ll try this again) and he messaged me right back and by 7:30 am, we were set to meet for drinks later that night.  Even when I talked to my bestie that morning and told her I had a date, she was like when the fuck did that happen, I talked with you 10 hours ago…  Haha, I work quickly when I set my mind to it I guess.  I don’t think I’ve ever talked to someone new, that early in the morning.  We met for a beer and hit it off right away.  Proceeded to spend that first weekend pretty much together for all of it, I gave him my horrible cold, brought him Nyquil and juice, saw him this last weekend too.  Things are good though.  He’s a total dude’s dude.  It’s simple.  Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, hey let’s not play games, see where this goes.  He’s also not a total pushover or up my ass like E, and doesn’t ignore me like Joe, so maybe we are on to something here…

I’m almost done with gettin’ my Christmas cheer finished.  My family has decided to go to the movies on Christmas Eve, so I think I’m going to skip that this year.  On Christmas Eve, I really just like being home in my hoodie, drinking the booze, watching Christmas Vacation.  I remember one Christmas Eve though with 7 year, where we walked around our neighborhood in our pajamas, drunk with spiked hot chocolate for our walk, to see all the twinkly lights, and we sang along with Christmas songs playing on my phone.  Cheesy, yes.  But.  Still one of my favorite Christmas memories of all time.  I don’t think I could recreate that night but it was magical.  Anyway, I just want to be home, not at the movie theater with my dad talking through the movie, being a third wheel now that my siblings all have committed, long-term SO’s, my step-mom whisper yelling at my dad to be quiet, etc etc etc…  Although maybe next time I go to the movies with my family, I should bring a boxed wine and a straw, that might make a difference.  I’m hoping for a sleepover with Michael on Christmas Eve and then I can go to my family’s in the morning for all the crazy hoopla.

Which is another conundrum, do you buy a smallish gift for that new someone for Christmas?  Do you discuss it so he doesn’t feel like a jackass when you give him a gift and he has nothing for you?  Oh we’re doing that, shit, I feel like an asshole now, thanks for the gift though…. Or do I keep a gift on backup just in the off chance that he does buy something, and I am prepared but don’t have to necessarily give it to him if he doesn’t give me a present?  And what do you even buy…..?  Ugh.

I’m almost done with my gifts for everyone.  Amazon Prime better come through, otherwise I’ll be shopping at 7 am to avoid the hell crowds come Saturday morning (the thing I dread most ever, is shopping on Christmas Eve).  This year though, I decided to make personalized mugs for everyone.  And I have to say, one of the best (and cheapest) ideas I’ve had.

Well I should probably get some work done this week.  Although, I’m not really feeling it. Call me a baby, but no mention of a holiday bonus and I’m kinda feeling unappreciated and over this place.  I’m their only employee and nothing.  I run the show, am always here, albeit by myself and writing my blog, or actually working.  I do actually work my ass off but maybe it’s time to move on.  Total bah humbug attitude in my career this year.  Maybe a new job is needed in the new year.  Things to ponder.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas weekend filled with some spiked nog, yuletide warmth, twinkly magic, and surrounded by the love of family and friends.

Happiest wishes for a Merry Christmas!


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